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Better and greener flame inhibitors

ID: F1512-05

With directives discouraging the use of halogenated flame retardants, effective options must be found. A task set away to deliver an option. Designed for integration with acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) compounds widely used in electronics, it is based on an intumescent formulation consisting of nanofillers combined with phosphorous-based flame retardants. Scientists functionalised nearly 40 various nanofillers, characterised their thermal stabilities and evaluated about half of them for dispersion in an ABS matrix. They fabricated and characterised the mechanical, thermal stability, dispersion and fire properties of more than 200 ABS compounds. The staff then assessed the effectiveness of the new halogen-free flame retardants (HFFRs) in ABS formulations with respect to fire overall performance. As an outcome, two nanofillers were chosen for last validation. The HFFRs and nanoparticles were tested in the lab prior to their make. They had been introduced in a commercial ABS substance in advance of market exploitation. The end products' basic and fire properties had been also characterised. Lastly, the recycling, mechanical and fire properties of the brand new HFFR ABS products were examined. An enhancement over traditional HFFRs without jeopardising fire performancehas been demonstrated. The recyclable and environment-friendly HFFR ABS solution reduces smoke and toxic gases. Safety is improved by mitigating the dangers of smoke inhalation caused by fire in public or private home. What's more, it can reverse the negative effect on the environment by preventing the release of toxic fire retardants.



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